Wading out of the technology mire...

Whew! Sorry for the May drought in posting. I've had to stay away from the blog because I simply haven't had time. Here's what's been going on at my school since the end of April:
  • I was piloting a 5-day trial of using Civilization in the social studies classroom. It was a World Geography class, with only a handful of gamers and three different versions of the game.
  • The state of Georgia has End of Course Tests for select courses in the four major subject areas - English, Social Studies, Math and Science. And this year, we chose to do all of our tests online (with a few exceptions).
  • Wrapping up the year itself involves accounting for all of the classroom technology and storing it for the summer.
I'm going to put together posts on each of those - when I do, I'll link this post to them. I'm also going to spend some time over the summer adding posts to techieteacher on a variety of things that have been rattling around my mind and my office. Stay tuned!


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