Technology disconnect between students and teachers?

In my conversations with teachers and with students, I'm always drawn towards an apparent disconnect between what teachers feel is good classroom technology use - what the students need, how the material needs to be taught - and what students feel is good use - what they'd really like to see with technology in the classroom.

My administration recently gave me permission to pull together a small student panel to address this issue. The students will be a representative group of the various demographics we have - advanced and on-level; males and females; high and low GPAs; races and nationalities; etc. I'd like to find out from students 1) what teachers are doing right regarding their use of classroom technology; 2) what teachers are doing wrong; and 3) what more could be done.

Right now, my list of questions is as follows:

  • What should "students using technology in the classroom" look like?
  • What are some examples of ways teachers have used technology in the classroom that you like? (You are engaged, you find the lesson interesting, etc.)
  • What are some examples of ways teachers have used technology that they think you like but you don't?
  • What are some examples of ways technology should be used for learning?
  • What technology do you use outside of school that would be good for the classroom? Why?
  • What can technology do for you to make you more successful in school and once you graduate?
  • How does technology in high school look different than it did in middle school? How are your teachers using it differently?
The questions will be provided to the panelists ahead of time, to give them time to think about their answers. I'll ask them either to fill out an online form, or bring their answers in written down. All questions will be answered anonymously, and will serve as fodder for discussions when I bring the whole group together. (Some of the district technology staff have expressed interest in sitting in on the discussion.)

Is this a comprehensive enough list? Are there other questions I should be asking them? I'd appreciate some comments and feedback.

Once the panel convenes and I have some results, I'll post them here.


How about:
- How should instructional time be changed for students to benefit from using technology?
- What resources and tools do you need to best use your technology to support your learning? Why?
- Should students determine when, how they use technology to support their learning? Why?

I'd love to get a copy of the results - can you send them to me? You should be able to see my email address from my blogger profile.

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